April 23, 2014
"Fluff rice with a fork, never stir it with a spoon.
Vaseline is the best night time eye cream on the market.
You can buy alcohol and chips with your parents’ gas station credit cards.
If you force something, you’ll break it. That could be good or bad.
It’s important to read the care tags on your clothing and follow those instructions.
Related: don’t wash and dry j. crew wool sweaters.
Changing your car’s oil is not optional.
Whatever physical objects you acquire you will one day have to put into a box and move.
You’re allowed to disagree with negative feedback.
It’s always worth reading the instruction manual.
Nostalgia, like any drug, can be a poison or a remedy.
Pets are like human friends but better in every conceivable way.
Good doctors listen more than they talk.
You can’t fix a burned roux.
Just because someone is an authority figure does not mean they are intelligent/competent/right.
Measure twice, cut once.
Get your nice jeans and dress pants tailored by a professional.
If you’re uncomfortable wearing it you will not look good.
You’re not required to drink alcohol while in a bar.
There are a few things that cure all ills: the beach, your favorite album on vinyl, and fresh garlic.
Kindness is not weakness.
Baking soda is not baking powder.
Taking Excedrin P.M. while still in public is not advisable.
Terrible people will succeed. Wonderful people will fail. The world is not fair.
Appropriate footwear is always key.
You can absolutely be too forgiving.
Real humor punches up, not down.
Reading the assigned chapters will actually help you learn the material.
There are no adults. Everyone is as clueless as you are.
Applying eyeliner well is a timeless art.
You can always leave. Awkward dates, suffocating jobs, hometowns that you outgrow, relationships that aren’t growing in the right direction.
You can always come home again.
But it won’t be the same.
Life is too short for bad books, boring movies, shitty people, and margarine.
Never underestimate the importance of eyebrows."

36 Things I Wish I Figured Out Sooner - Whitney Kimball (via shessoprettywhenshelies)

I’m giving this to my daughter when she turns 16, no joke.

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April 23, 2014
<em>Game of Thrones</em> Stumbles Into Rape


Let me sum up. These are only things that can be said by someone who has never been raped, or is themselves a rapist.  A non-consent never becomes consent.

In either case, and as with everything, an even marginally thinking human should know to shut the fuck up about topics they know goddamn nothing about. Which I realize is foreign territory for most white men.

I’ll be waiting for the next book, because I’m done with the show.

I haven’t read the books yet, but I refused to watch the show when my husband had me watch the first episode and the whole TV show STARTS with rape. I was out then. So awful.

April 23, 2014

One of my goals for this year has actually become mandatory for my career
path, so that means the job will pay for the certification!

This is making me chairdance.

v. happy

April 23, 2014

This is my new favorite person.

Also this link is NSFW. But hilarious.

April 23, 2014
"Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires."

— John Steinbeck (via tehbee)

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April 23, 2014

karibikes said: yeah…i feel you. our ac isn’t working at school in my classroom either…

Eh, I actually avoid AC, but we have a Tempur Pedic mattress, so it gets hot as hell when we sleep. Plus, my husband needs it cool to sleep, so we run the air at night.

They won’t turn the AC on at work until about June, at which point it will regularly be over 90 in our offices. That’s ok-ish. I just can’t sleep when I’m soaking the sheets. That is actually a bit much for me.

April 22, 2014

Our AC died sometime yesterday. I thought I was sick this morning because I was so hot. It’s for real not working, so pray for me to not die tonight. Kthx

April 22, 2014

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April 22, 2014

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April 22, 2014

My professional motto is, basically, “I do what I want.” This is almost
always very effective.

April 22, 2014

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April 22, 2014

"There there, I’m sorry I scared you. *pats and kisses* you’re a good dog, good dog."


"There there, I’m sorry I scared you. *pats and kisses* you’re a good dog, good dog."

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April 22, 2014



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April 22, 2014


Forgot to tell you guys about the car behind me at the DQ drive thru the other day (reese’s blizzard) that housed a cat on the dash.

So, the next time you think you’re a crazy cat lady and that this has gone too far, think of this woman. And feel better. You’re doing alright.

Oh, is this not a thing? George destroyed a carrier and would just ride shotgun, and Ichabod feels better out of the carrier after the vet.


April 21, 2014
Albert left his running sweater in the car. Ichabod found it.

Albert left his running sweater in the car. Ichabod found it.

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